First Rail Marketing is a full service internet marketing firm providing the specific services you need to enhance and optimize your website as a tool for higher sales and greater success First Rail Marketing will provide everything you need, from SEO to social media optimization and beyond.
First Rail Marketing - SEO marketing First Rail Marketing will provide everything you need, from SEO to social media optimization and beyond.
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Cathy Weber
Marketing Operations

Andrew Colvin
Sales and Advertising

P. N. Waldygo
SEO text writer/editor

Ron LaPorte
Stats Analysis/SEO text writer


Early Entrance into Internet Advertising
In the early1990s, Cathy worked with eAds, (Electronic Advertising), one of the first pay-per-click advertising companies on the web, developing strategies for high-profile clients including Rolling Stone magazine and many others.

Cutting Edge Knowledge Enhanced by Traditional Print and Media Background
At the onset of the digital media revolution, Cathy opened one of the first digital production studios in the competitive Los Angeles / Orange County area. Her studio clients included Grace (Hospitality) Industries, Restaurant Enterprises, Mitsubishi Electronics, Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising and many others.

Professional Copywriting and Experienced Sales Team
P.N. Waldygo and Ron LaPorte bring over 30 years of copywriting and editing experience to the FirstRail Marketing team. With a wide spectrum of traditional skills in one-to-one sales, Andy provides a balanced perspective to the world of interactive promotions.

Successful Marketing Strategies for an Exclusive Client List
Most recently, Cathy owned CLW Associates, a full-service  cross-media marketing agency. CLW developed and implemented highly successful marketing strategies for an exclusive client list of hospitality providers and non-profit organizations in Santa Fe, NM.